Impact through Innovation - Global Training and Resourcing

One of Camino’s newest ministry efforts is an emphasis on Global Training and Resourcing.

Of course, training and resourcing are not new ministries for Camino. The mission has been equipping and resourcing the Church for ministry since the 19th century, including formal theological education for more than 80 years.

What’s new is a globally coordinated effort of online and off line strategies, infused with innovation and new tools, to equip the Church for maximum impact among and with Spanish speakers around the world.

Consider these highlights representing a handful of key outcomes in 2016 and potential in 2017:

  • Facilitation of Spiritual formation retreats. Impact: 250+ pastors and wives
  • Bible survey conferences in 4 countries. Impact: 400+ students
  • Discipleship courses for believers in 12 languages. Impact: 5,000+ disciples
  • Follow-up for new believers that ask for help online. Impact: 30,000+ online disciples
  • Biblical answers provided to spiritual questions asked online. Impact: 12,056,234 users
  • Digital toolbox for Camino teams serving in 9 countries. Impact: 30 team leaders
  • Development of a training website for Latin missionaries. Potential Impact: 1,000+ missionaries


ObreroFiel - Short from Camino Global on Vimeo.