• Spain History Tour 2015

    In October, Camino President Douglas Livingston and European Mobilization Director Chris Matthews will take a group on a historical tour to discover the untold story of the Spanish Reformation in the 16th century.

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  • Enduring Legacy

    2015 marks 125 years for Camino Global. Explore the rich history that has shaped the mission over the years — from historical photos and videos to archived publications.


  • EMERGE 2015

    Plan for an internship this summer that will change your life as you live out the gospel and serve others.

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  • An Open Door

    The Philippines has been a growing new field for Camino since 2012. Now, in partnership with FAM International, Camino is growing a team and breaking new ground. Partner with us to fuel evangelism in a densely non-Christian part of this nation.

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Erasmo de Leon (left) was changed when his brother accidentally drank poison (1963).Erasmo de Leon (left) was changed when his brother accidentally drank poison (1963).

God Does All Things Well

Upon returning to Guatemala in 1963 to begin our second term of service, we desired to live in San Pablo, San Marcos because it was a town without an evangelical church as San Rafael had been during our first term of service. However, in San Pablo we could not find a house to rent for several months.

Then prominent lady in town, through illness and being in the capital city for treatment, heard the gospel on the radio, and accepted the Lord. When she returned to San Pablo, she rented us a one room building on her property, which had been the former Catholic School of the town. With doors closed in our faces as we had visited house-to-house, we wondered how the Lord would open that town to the gospel.

La Veta began children's classes with our 4 children, plus their neighborhood friends, but the parents were not receptive to us. We prayed, along with 2 grandmothers and a 12-year-old boy that the door would open to us for evangelism and God answered in unexpected ways.


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    • Invitación a Filipinas

      Dios está abriendo la puerta para que latinos vayamos a las Filipinas para compartir la palabra de vida en Jesucristo. ¡Tú puedes hacer algo!

      Cast: Camino Global

      Tags: Filipinas, misión, FAM Internacional and Camino Global

    • Super Typhoon Haiyan: Philippines Relief

      OFFER AID NOW: caminoglobal.org/relief

      On Friday, November 8, 2013, one of the strongest storms ever to make landfall on earth devastated lives in the Philippines. For the past several years, Camino Global has taken active steps toward launching a long-term ministry team in the Philippines. The work of preparation we have done over the past two years has produced several strong ministry partners who are in a position to offer immediate help to those who are hurting right now.

      As a Camino ministry partner, consider two ways to give and be a blessing to the people of the Philippines, both today and a year or so from today.

      Cast: Camino Global

      Tags: the Philippines, typhoon haiyan, yolanda, crisis relief, relief, aid and disaster relief

    • MKonnections 2013 Camp Highlights

      Camino Global MKs (missionary kids) spent 5 days together at MKonnections; Brookhaven Christian Retreat (brookhavenretreat.org/) in Hawkins, TX.

      Cast: Camino Global and Nathan O'Day


    • Camino Global - Filmed in Spain

      The increasingly global impact of ministry among Spanish speakers began as a regional focus in Central America more than a century ago.

      Cast: Camino Global and David Fisher


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